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25 to life – Eminem

25 to life – eminem in the recovery album

25 To Life (PC) |Longplay – Walkthrough – Gameplay| No Commentary

Welcome to my – Longplay – Walkthrough – Gameplay – video of 25 To Life on PC – Windows with no commentary.

25 To Life is a third person, shooter video game where you play both the cops and gangsters. Setting takes place in the suburban parts of the big city. Following detective Lester Williams and Andre “Freeze” Francis. The story is about the struggle, betrayal and life of crime. Game is developed by Avalanche Software and Ritual Entertainment. Published by Eidos Interactive.

NoirStation Rating: – 3 Out Of 5 – I’m always down for a great third person shooter and this is no exception. Despite the cheesy dialogues and story 25 To Life has it’s charm. I’m a big fan of these obscure Playstation 2 era games.

Video Chapters:
Warehouse – 00:00:00
Apartments – 00:09:51
Downtown – 00:14:47
Culdesac – 00:21:46
Club – 00:28:45
Subway – 00:35:34
Tijuana – 00:42:57
Casino – 00:51:22
Penthouse – 00:58:51
Prison – 01:05:20
Mall – 01:11:47
Hacienda & Ending – 01:19:45

This video is recorded, played in my style, and edited by me. Longplay is made as fluid as possible without any deaths, unnecessary menus, loading screens, stumbling around or other non-essential things to a walkthrough. All gaming videos on my channel are my original content which I create myself.

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25 to Life – Josh Meloy

Eminem – 25 To Life (Lyrics)

Lyrics For 25 To Life By Eminem from his album Recovery