Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Final Fantasy Tactics: A Full Series Critique

Can you kill a legend?

*Full spoilers incoming, but not fully contextualized*
0:00 Intro
1:14 FFT
15:20 FFTA
24:24 FFTA2

Final Fantasy Tactics is a series of incredible tactical rpgs. I hear you – Tactics Ogre needs love too. One day. Until then we’re looking at the game that really popularized tactics, a famous piece of software that morphed over decades into a bizarre new form. The Advance games are still FFT games, and while they’re not the original, they hold up in surprising ways while dropping the ball in others.

Anyway I’m pretty sure someone’s gonna lecture me on this or that, but you know, I went from FFTA enthusiast to FFT boomer in a few short years. Please don’t watch my older video on it though, I’m begging you, PLEASE

The musician who remastered the FFTA OST is here – I used some tracks in that segment: &list=PLtluGaz2_O6QImd7WPhuAyatttcAV8BN0

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Marche Double Sword Build

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Marche Double Sword Build
Hey everyone, this week and next week is all about FFTA and quite a few build video uploads. I am uploading more than I normally do to get these out of the way. I’m not sure if I will do more FFTA videos as I will concentrate mostly on War of the Lions in the future. Thank you.

Link to Deathstriker24’s Build Level Post

My Levels for Marche
Level 3 to 25 Ninja
Level 25 to 30 Hunter
Level 30 to 50 Fighter

Excalibur 2
Ninja Tabi

Fighter Tech/Hunt
Damage MP
Double Sword
Knight Combo

We will be able to KO most enemies in a single action with this build. Double Sword is popular and strong for good reason, we can do insane damage while also learning two abilities at once.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Any% RTA Speedrun – 3:56:55

Didn’t think this would happen so soon or so well. I’m incredibly satisfied with this run despite the rough middle. A total of 3 clan encounters throughout vs 1 in my PB before this. Assassins took upwards of 10 tries total vs 4 in my PB. Cheney was 4th try vs 1st. Despite there being room for improvement, I don’t feel like grinding out better RNG than what I got here. So I will leave this here for now. — Watch live at

Game Boy Advance Longplay [080] Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (part 01 of 14)

Played by: Ironsharp

This is the sequel to the legendary PS1 classic Final Fantasy Tactics, which is somewhat underwhelming in terms of both gameplay and story in

comparison to the original. However, the relatively simplistic side-mission system in FFT was expanded upon greatly in FFTA, becoming the core

component of its gameplay and plot with over 300 missions to complete.

In this longplay, every recorded mission (#1-#300), plus the post-game “Corrupt Judges” storyline missions are completed, with all

special/secret characters unlocked excluding the semi-secret character Eldena, due to my foolishly using the item necessary for recruiting her

to complete one of the main missions (i.e. missions listed 1-300 necessary to unlock the corrupt judges missions). The mission “Memories”

which allows one to fight the final boss extra times was not completed due to a bizarre bug exclusive to the US version of the game which

prevents the player from receiving this mission if they have ever recruited Shara. I recruited Babus first due to his being unobtainable if

Shara is recruited first, due to the same bug.

Enjoy as I mercilessly bully the simplified mechanics and AI into submission with Jugglers and Blue Magic! –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!