How to Defeat Boreas – Lupus Minor: Act One – Genshin Impact Guide

How to Defeat Boreas – Lupus Minor: Act One – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

RTA Andrius (Lupus Boreas) 8s Speedrun [Genshin Impact]

Genshin Impact – Lupus Boreas Fight Tips

We tried fighting Lupus Boreas in Genshin Impact this week! The big bad wolf is Cryo based with a little suprise mid fight. Having a hard time fighting him? We suggest bringing Electro characters and watching this video for Lupus Boreas fight tips ~

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Beat Lupus Boreas Boss Guide – Weekly Wolf Boss Fight Tricks & Tips [Genshin Impact]

Beat Lupus Boreas Boss Guide – Weekly Wolf Boss Fight Tricks & Tips [Genshin Impact]

Genshin Impact Boss guide to beating Lupus Boreas. Sharing my thoughts, tips and trick to easily take down the Lupus Boreas Weekly Boss to obtain easy 4 Star Artifacts and maybe 5 Star Artifacts

This is AntsGamingSuite with your host Anthony, here with a new game which I have been absolutely loving it for the past couple of days now. The game was release last week yesterday and more and more people are jumping on aboard the waifu and husbandoes anime style free to play mmo. If you’ve played the game Breath of the wild this game is very similar in the likes, however it is too good to be an exact clone of the game itself. It is one of the largest Chinese game launches ever internationally and my advice is to spend a couple of hours playing the game to see why it’s such an amazing game to pick up.

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Genshin Impact Lupus Boreas (Andrius) Guide

A guide on Lupus Boreas (Andrius). Highlighting the attack patterns and how to manage this fight.

1. Recommended to fight this boss at long range (bow/catalyst).
2. The frozen ground underneath the boss can be used to gauge his melee hit range.
3. Bring two Pyro to activate the passive (-40% cryo debuff and +25% attack buff).
4. Pyro/Electro/Hydro work well here.
5. It will only use melee attacks if you are within melee range.
6. The 50% phase is much more difficult. Recommended to burst down the boss quickly. Save your ultimates.

Attack Abilities:
Charge – move perpendicular to the charge and dash.
Jump – creates a frozen ground on the location it will jump to.
Frontal Swipe – fast swipe (melee only).
Cryo Swipe – slow, 360-degree swipe (melee only).
Cryo Missiles – fires five cryo missiles, which explode at random distances.
Wolf Spirit – runs around the room, stops, and charges. Do not touch the cryo barrier.

50% Phase:
Cryo Strikes – drops aoe cryo attacks on your location. Keep moving and dash.
Cryo Slash – three slices of thin cryo waves split into a V formation. Centre yourself to his face and move/dash left or right diagonally.
Wolf Phantoms – appear and leaps towards you. Disappears after the attack. Dash or keep moving to avoid.


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